I enjoy supporting people in developing their skills and strengths.

I enjoy supporting people in developing their skills and strengths.

Three focal points:


Consultation of teams regarding topics like:
- Redirection/strategy
- Change


- International leadership development programs

- Different leadership topics/ workshops

- Intercultural trainings


Coaching, often for individuals in leadership positions or starting careers

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Satisfied clients – nationally and internationally:

Isabelle Krier Michaeli (Oskar von Miller Forum)

Mrs Ireland accompanied the Oscar von Miller Forum from the beginning. Mrs Ireland supports the strive for excellence of our program, master students as well as international students of architecture and constructional engineering through her offered leadership seminars. Mrs Ireland is a reliable, flexible and open partner whom I really enjoy working with. She offers…

Sylvia B. Vogt (President, Carnegie Bosch Institute Pittsburgh)

Dear Antje, I would like to express my appreciation and extend a sincere thank you for coaching during the 2014 Carnegie Bosch Global Leadership Executive Forum. I admire your high standards and respect your ability as a coach to work in our flagship program. Looking forward to our continued collaboration in the near future!

Angela Faist (Teacher ASG)

I would like to thank you again for your professional running of the workshop in Holzhausen, Bavaria. A lot of the elements are still very present in my mind, I have tried some of the techniques out already and your facilitation on this day produced very sustainable results for us. A big thank you goes…

Susanne Karner (Siemens AG Healthcare)

You greatly impressed me on this workshop, the way you handled our difficult group.

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