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After finishing school in Munich Antje went to Boston, USA to study international relations. Her interest in people and other cultures were her primary motives for this decision. For six years during and after her studies she worked for an agency specializing in intercultural learning, publishing and traveling for American students.

After completing her bachelor she moved to Paris to work for three years as an editor for Reader’s Digest in an international team of journalists. At this point Antje developed her interest toward leadership and co-operation in groups and organizations.

The next step was her training to become a consultant and trainer in exactly these subject areas at the Coverdale organization in England. She spent the following 20 years in different positions at Coverdale, in England, USA and Germany. Within the company she was appointed to the Coverdale Management Team and was Head of HR for Coverdale Germany for a number of years. In her role as consultant and trainer she worked for many big international organizations (e.g. Bosh, HP, Daimler), mid-size companies (e.g. KAEFER Isoliertechnik, BEA Systems, Wacker Chemie) and smaller businesses, often on an international basis.

In 2004 Antje completed her 2 year coaching training in order to be able to work more specifically in the domain of personality development.

Since 2006 Antje is self-employed and now works together with her husband John for different organizations nationally and internationally. Focal points of her work are the topics leadership and cooperation. Antje manages big development programs for groups of international leaders or delivers individual seminars, coaches managers and moderates workshops to support groups during their work on strategy, sales, conflict and back-at-work topics. Antje works for industry clients and also in the Bavarian government administration, where other leadership challenges can be experienced. For many years she has also been accompanying student programs and with a lot of commitment has been working with teachers at different schools.

Personal Interests

Antje and John have three kids, Janina, Sam and Kate, partly already at university or still at school. On top of many nice family activities, Antje is part of an English as well as a German speaking book group for 20 years already. The exchange of opinions on literature is one of her passions. An exciting and challenging experience is the weekly dance lesson that Antje and John have already been enjoying for many years.


Antje and John are working in a reliable network of colleagues with similar quality standards and values. Their criteria are leadership experience and gathered work experience in different organizations, training in the personality area (e.g. coaching education, therapeutical background) and a vast repertoire of methodology. It is important to work with colleagues who enjoy developing new solutions und individual processes with clients and who do not just present and sell standard solutions from an expert point of view.

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