Customer feedback

Here you will find some current examples of my work:

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

International Project Management and Leadership Coaching

Bavarian State Chancellery, Munich

Leadership dialogue, workshops for leaders to use 360° feedback, defining leadership role and learning fields

Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen und Berlin

Moderation of strategy workshops for the SAP team and the QM team

Oskar von Miller Forum

Running of 2 - 3 day workshops for the students and young leaders of the Technical University, Munich, career consultation and job application trainings

Hochtief AG

Seminar "Intercultural Awareness" for leaders

Coverdale GmbH, München

Client management for the international programs of KAEFER Isoliertechnik: conception, project management and trainer role, implementation of a senior and a junior leadership development program with 4 modules each, both programs run worldwide with topics of leadership, communication, decision making, coaching, strategy development, conflict management and change. Until today about 160 leaders have participated.

VHS München

Introduction of appraisal interviews, workshops with leaders and coworkers

Travian GmbH

Consulting of the marketing team, strategy execution and individual coaching of leaders

Bayerische Akademie für Verwaltungs-Management, München

Execution of senior leadership programs for managers of the Bavarian government with various modules, consultation of leadership challenges

Kienbaum Unternehmensberatung

Leadership seminars, GEA Academy in Dusseldorf, Moskau and Sao Paolo

Osram, München

360° Feedback, Coaching of 36 leaders worldwide (Asia, Australia, USA and Canada)

Sicap/Swisscom, Bern

Consulting of the global leadership team on the implementation of a new strategy in the context of a process of change, intensive measures to train all leaders in leadership skills, execution of different leadership seminars (leader as coach, understanding people, managing conflicts, leader as HR manager, difficult conversations)

City of Munich, municipality

Execution of a workshop on ethical and moral leadership behaviour

Swarovski Group, München

Execution of the international advanced leader programs

Highschools IKG und ASG

Consulting teachers who want to take on a new coaching role, various other team workshops and seminars, application workshops for the students, training of tutors and mentoring

Coaching of leaders...

…from various companies in Germany and globally

Feedback from people I have worked with in the past:

Angela Faist (Teacher ASG)

I would like to thank you again for your professional running of the workshop in Holzhausen, Bavaria. A lot of the elements are still very present in my mind, I have tried some of the techniques out already and your facilitation on this day produced very sustainable results for us. A big thank you goes…

Susanne Karner (Siemens AG Healthcare)

You greatly impressed me on this workshop, the way you handled our difficult group.

Roswitha Pfeiffer (MD Bavarian Academy of Administration)

There are trainers that I can trust with difficult clients and complex problems without having to worry and without any sleepless nights as a managing director. Trainers where I can be sure that client matters will be heard, understood and resolved. I see Antje Ireland at the very top on my list of people I…

Isabelle Krier Michaeli (Oskar von Miller Forum)

Mrs Ireland accompanied the Oscar von Miller Forum from the beginning. Mrs Ireland supports the strive for excellence of our program, master students as well as international students of architecture and constructional engineering through her offered leadership seminars. Mrs Ireland is a reliable, flexible and open partner whom I really enjoy working with. She offers…

Sylvia B. Vogt (President, Carnegie Bosch Institute Pittsburgh)

Dear Antje, I would like to express my appreciation and extend a sincere thank you for coaching during the 2014 Carnegie Bosch Global Leadership Executive Forum. I admire your high standards and respect your ability as a coach to work in our flagship program. Looking forward to our continued collaboration in the near future!

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